Tighten Your Glasses At Home

Just like frames, all face shapes are different and as with anything, it can take time to find the perfect fit. But there are certain things you can do after buying your dream pair of eyewear to get you closer in your quest for comfort.The following tips and tricks are sure to help!

If you already wear glasses, you’ll know how annoying it is when your frames fall down your face because they’re too loose or maybe you’ve had a pair that’s been too tight on your head. Whatever your past problem when it comes to the size of your glasses, fear not, as it’s perfectly fine to fiddle with your frames until the fit is just right.

Learn to Keep Your Glasses From Sliding Down

When you first buy a new frame, it’s bound to feel different from your previous pair of eyewear. That’s because it’s brand new and has never been worn before. Similar to the feel of new shoes (a bit tight, you have to wear ‘em in a little), a fresh pair of glasses out of the box is sure to feel tighter than the ones you’ve worn awhile.

Or on the other side of the spectrum, maybe your new pair is slightly too loose and needs to be adjusted for a closer fit. Either option is something we can help with!

So, here you are, with a fresh new pair of specs awaiting your viewing pleasure. The next step is to learn how to adjust them (if needed) to fit your face. There are several ways your glasses can be tailored to fit — you can adjust the temple arms and tips, nose pads, glasses height, and straighten crooked glasses. Read on for more details on how to do each.

How to Tighten Glasses: A Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned, there are certain things you can do to adjust your glasses for a better fit. The most obvious would be to start by checking the temple tips and nose pads as these are softer parts of your frames and can often be easily altered.

Your pair should feel comfortable when worn for long periods of time and shouldn’t be too loose or tight behind your ears. Use your own judgement to gently apply pressure to bend your temples into shape if you feel it’s necessary.

How to Adjust Temple Tips

To adjust the temple tips of your glasses, follow these easy steps and see how your pair fits after doing so.

1. Run your temple tips under warm water for around half a minute

2. For loose frames, bend the tips slightly downwards

3. For tight frames, bend the tips slightly upwards

How to Adjust Nose Pads

Adjusting the nose pads of your pair can also help with adjusting glasses as your nose is what keeps your glasses held up with your ears.

1. Grip your glasses by the lens and nose bridge

2. If your nose pads sit too high, bend them outwards

3. If your nose pads sit too low, bend them inwards

How to Adjust Frame Height — Plastic

Your eyes should be in the center of your lenses when you wear your pair, so have that in mind as you attempt adjusting it.

1. Heat your temples by soaking them in warm water from 30 seconds to a minute

2. To raise them up, bend them in towards you for a nicer fit

3. Do the same to lower them, but this time by bending them out

4. When you’ve found your perfect height, rinse your temples with cold water

How to Adjust Frame Height — Metal

If your metal frames aren’t quite at the height you want them to be, your nose pads are probably too wide.

1. Hold the metal part of the temple

2. Pinch one nose pad arm between your thumb and finger or use some needle nose pliers

3. Do the same again on the other side of the pair

4. The closer the pads are pushed together the higher your glasses will sit

5. You can reverse this and make your pair lower by pushing the nose pads apart

How to Adjust Crooked Glasses

No one likes a pair of crooked glasses — not only is it a bad look, they’ll also make your world feel uneven. So, if one side of your glasses is higher than the other, you can straighten them out by making further adjustments. Place your pair on a flat surface and see if both temples are touching the table. If they aren’t, try the following.

1. Heat the temple that’s not touching for 30 seconds to a minute

2. If the left side is higher than the right, bend the right temple down

3. If the right temple is higher than the left temple, bend the left temple down

When should you not try to adjust your glasses?

So, we’re gonna level with you here. We wanted to give at-home options for practicality, but in an ideal world your glasses should be adjusted by a professional. You don’t want to damage your frame, and a professional knows exactly how to handle glasses better than anyone. An experienced eye care specialist knows what needs to be done correctly in order for your glasses to fit you properly, and it’s a safer bet than trying it at home for the first time.

If your pair is made from sturdy material like titanium or metal, there’s more chance of you breaking them or pushing them out of shape, especially if it’s a delicate style like rimless. You can find local opticians near you right here on our site and you should visit every few months to get your frames tightened and checked.

Adjusting Your Glasses at Home

If you are set on adjusting your glasses at home yourself, you should do it correctly and only if you don’t have an eye doctor nearby. Just follow our handy tips shared above and we’re wishin’ you the best of luck!

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